Rheagan Crenshaw was only a few years old when she began forging unbreakable bonds with her Great-grandmother and her Grandmother (Grammy). Inspired by the special moments spent with her family, Rheaghan founded Rheas of Hope while still in high school. Her nonprofit organization affords Youth in the Memphis area opportunities to experience positive interactions with residents of Senior living facilities. Rheagan’s passion for community service has also been recognized on a national level as she is a 2021 recipient of the Keeper of the Dream Award.

Recognizing the heartfelt appreciation of the impact she continues to make in her community, Rheagan and her parents realized that a more formal online presence was needed to support her efforts. The Crenshaw family partnered with Tucker Media to provide an online presence that provides information about programs offered and how Youth can get involved.

If you’re looking for a positive way to spend an extra day in the upcoming weeks, contact Rheas of Hope for more information.