Warren Galloway, Jr. Founder
National Microloan Conference

My website has become the focal point in how funders and guests are able to sponsor and register for the conference, but more importantly, track all-conference activities including reviewing information from the previous conference.

Tucker Media has been an outstanding organization in supporting the development and marketing of my website. The service is superior and the work has been top-notched. I really appreciate everything they have done for my company.

Rheagan Crenshaw, Founder
Rheas of Hope

Inspired by the beautiful relationship I share with my Grandmother, Rheas of Hope was launched to provide and highlight positive interactions between Youth and our Senior community.

Tucker media has provided professional and personal attention to our digital marketing needs with valuable insight on how to enhance our virtual presence.  We have been able to maximize our viewings with the assistance of Tucker Media aligning our social medial platforms. 

Sabrina Moore, Founder
House of Fabulous Standards

Our website is being leveraged as a means of informing Brides worldwide. They are now aware of affordable yet elegant needs for the big day.  We provide a professional and personalized fabulous wedding experience under one umbrella, “our house”.

Working with Tucker Media help me bundle all my business and realize the need to not only run a business but use the best tools to increase our efficiency. We thank you for that experience.

Rodney Crenshaw, COO
Genesis Rural Development Services

Our company provides affordable low-cost or no-cost home improvement funding for citizens in rural communities. We now have a website that captures applicant information and provides dynamic processing status.

Tucker Media provided a website that was both informative and professionally designed. They also provided a back-office solution with automated integration between our website and social media platforms.  Partnering with Tucker Media has made us more profitable by becoming efficient through automation.

Rodney Crenshaw, Founder
Genesis Rural Development Services

Our company provides professional commercial and residential property inspections throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex.

Tucker Media…